What is Progressive Web App?

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Progressive Web App doesn’t reinvent the wheel. The simplest possible description may sound like this: a progressive web app is a website that feels like a native mobile app.
It feels like, but it isn’t a mobile app. The PWA aims to make native-like experience to users of all platforms and all devices. At the same moment, it allows users to skip app store browsing and installation. Technically this is just another tab in your browser, but it has fast access right from the home screen and smooth app-like interactions. And it can work without an internet connection!.

Why is it considered to be used and what are their features?
Let’s discuss some of the major attributes which are missing from common non-progressive web applications.

Reliable :- 
The app must be lightning fast when loading, it should be close to instantaneous and should also open when there is no network or fairly low-speed network like 2G.

The scrolls and page changes should be buttery smooth when the user is interacting with the web app. Everyone hates crappy scrolls.

The app should suitable in all the different sizes of devices. The perfect web app must be like liquid, which takes the shape of its vessel.

If we want to make web apps closer to the native apps, they have to be installable and must reside in the home screen along with other native apps, so that the user may access the PWA in one click.

Home screen & Splash Screen:-
Another particular thing about PWA's is that even though they run via a browser, they can be installed directly onto the user's home screen and they offer an experience on an immersive, full screen.

PWAs are more secure compared to traditional web apps because they are always served via HTTPS. This ensures that the app can is tamper proof and cannot be vandalized.

What Are The Benefits Of Progressive Web App?

Low Data Usage:
PWAs don’t require any significant storage on the device either. This frees up space for the user and contributes to better performance on their smartphones.

Reduced development and support costs:
A progressive web app building must be less time and money compared to a native application. You don’t have to create a different solution for Android and IOS platforms

Easier distribution:
Speaking about Google search results, a progressive website is a leading. Being a website, it is indexed by Google, that makes it more discoverable by potential customers.

Smooth installation:
The installation process is fast and easy. Just find the desired PWA, open it, add to the home screen. The progressive web app is ready to use.

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