Inventing brands that inspire!

Without a distinctive identity, no brand can last for long in the mind of the customer. Creating brand identities that are more human and relatable for customers is our goal. We keep customer intelligence at the core while inventing a new brand identity for your business. A brand that feels human and solves problems like a friend can never fail to attract customers and gain more sales. “Impactful branding makes your business stand tall in front of your competitors and develops trust and credibility among customers.” A successful brand strategy starts with identifying a business goal, Competitor analysis, and user research. It is like combining creativity with human experiences and creating a long-lasting impact on their memory. We, humans, get attracted to brands that remind us of some beautiful memories of our lives, or help us to create new ones as our life is all about beautiful memories and relationships. The more impact we can create and serve good to our customers, the more credibility and customer loyalty we can develop. Our team of creative innovators helps you develop a brand strategy that gives your brand a push in the right direction.

Dynamic Websites
Logo Design

We create logo designs that reflect your business’s uniqueness! A great logo makes people identify and remember you! It’s time to get a revolutionary logo that speaks to your brand!

Color palette selection
Brand style guide

Mobile App Development, SAAS, POS, EHR, Software Development

Static Websites
Brand Positioning

Your brand thrives only when it resonates with the needs & wants of your prospects. Our brand positioning strategy helps you to rightly target based on your values, benefits, price, etc.!

Value Proposition
SWOT,Competitor analysis
Points of Difference
Points of Party
Cost Leadership & Trends

Dynamic Websites
Brand Naming & Tagline

Your brand’s name and tagline should complement each other to build a strong business identity. At ScrollWide we create brand names & tagline that are simply outstanding!

Brand Name Selection,
Point of difference in Tagline,
Brand character,
Name Feel and tone

Static Websites
Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is what lets prospects and customers know what your business is! Get a successful brand strategy that showcases your business’s values and offerings!

User Personas
Target audience
User Demographic information
User KPI’s
Customer value proposition, and Competitor Review

Dynamic Websites
Social Media Branding

Social media allows you to reach out to millions and billions of prospects! With our social media branding strategies, you can now gain brand visibility and growth on a global scale!

Brand Collaterals
Mood Boards
Social Media Content Style
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Positioning

Static Websites
Brand Guidelines

Who doesn’t want to be a brand? ScrollWide’s brand guidelines offer a clear idea of how your logo, website, content, images, tag-lines, or other marketing collaterals should look & feel!

Content Guidelines
Brand Tone, Pitching
Brand Collaterals
Brand style guide
Strategy Guidelines

Dynamic Websites

Your business’s website design, logo, videos, Ads, content, etc. need to be copyrighted to prevent unauthorised usage and theft! We also protect your business from copyright violations!

Content Style
Content Guidelines
Press Releases
Content Writing
Marketing Captions
Blogging & Articles

Static Websites
Brand Collaterals

Your brand needs professional images that represent your business! We help brands to choose the right visual style that leaves a long-lasting impression on your prospects’ minds!

Stationery design
Business cards design
Banner ad design
Proposal Design
Flyer Design, Brochures &
Posters design etc..

Branding & Identity cannot stand alone in the race and help you win. Design and Digital Marketing play an integral part in shaping any brand. A right mix of these three is the only way to reach the top and knock down the competitors.  So are you ready for it?